ProTech Knives – Craftsmanship

“The art of manufacturing excellence meets old world craftsmanship.”


High tech machines are only as good as the men and women who operate them.  At Pro-Tech knives we have a dedicated group of employees who focus on making the best knife components possible.

The precision parts at Pro-Tech don’t just have to be “to the print” – they also have to look, feel and even sound right once they are built.

Pro-Tech builds our knives in small batches so we can spend the time to individually hand fit and finished each one.  

In a market where more and more companies are trying to see how cheaply they can make knives by out sourcing – Pro-Tech is dedicated to building knives to the utmost quality here in the USA.  We are continually investing in state of the art machinery and adding skilled staff to the Pro-Tech team.

When you handle one of our knives you will feel the craftsmanship and know that the men and women who built it don’t just work at a knife shop, but are edge enthusiasts who are committed to building the best knives possible.

We appreciate the support of our loyal customers who make it possible for us to do what we love.